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More on Ruth McDowell Quilts!

Since the Ruth McDowell piece that we posted had so many follow-up questions, here is a quick Q & A with Ruth, as well as a small gallery of her quilts to get you started on learning about her method. --and enjoying her quilts!

 1 . Do you have a general description of your piecing method, and how it is different than traditional methods? 

My piecing method is almost exactly the same as the traditional piecing, i.e., Right sides together with 1/4 inch seams, but sewn by machine. Piecing (rather than applique or fusing) forces a degree of abstraction that I enjoy. A Pieced quilt looks different from an appliqued quilt which I think has to do with the structure. The elements are more integrated, foreground and background assembled the same way.

In fact, on my quilts, the background fabric selection is often much more difficult.


2.  What is the best technical learning book (out of all the titles you have authored)?

Technically, Ruth B. McDowell's Piecing Workshop, C&T Pub. 2007, is the manual of how to sew in this style.
Ruth B. McDowell's Design Workshop picks up from there to discuss the design process to create your own original designs.
They were actually written as one book, but divided by the publisher, since they contain so much information.
3.  What does "B" stand for, in Ruth B. McDowell?

B stands for Beckley, my family name. I am only McDowell by an accident of marriage.
Thanks, Ruth.  It seems there are many fiber artists (non-quilters) who are intrigued by your work and want to know more!
Now, here is some more eye candy to get your creative juices going.  Visit Ruth's site for more images and information on how to attend one of Ruth's workshops!


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